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What’s in a sentence?

I really liked the advice “pokemon” cards that Execellence gave away at their recent event. One or two sentences of advice and inspiration can sometimes be much more effective than long, detailed reports.

In the Spring of 2009 I contacted a whole bunch of people and asked them what employee engagement means to them, and to advise us how to improve employee engagement. The advice had to be personal, real. And it had to be just one sentence. The replies came in from all over the globe. From the shop floor to the board room. Here are a few tasters for you:

“When you can get an answer to a question without it being riddled with propaganda.”

“I feel that even where I don’t have control over what needs to change, I have ownership of how we change it.”

“Engagement means I am committed to the companies’ goals, and the company is committed to helping me achieve mine.”

I’ve put them together in a four page report. Click the link, download the report. Have a read at your leisure and if you want to, feel free to add your own contribution. Why not cope the Execellence team and try your own one sentence experiment?

Doug Shaw

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