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The Top Ten Signs Your Employee Attitude Survey Needs to Change

This is a useful short video interview with Curt Coffman (co-author of First Break All The Rules) in which he gives ten thoughts and ideas about why your employee survey needs some attention. I particularly like tip #1 where Coffman talks about surveying the same things the same way over and over and yet expecting something different. I’m also a fan of tip #9, which makes the point that if you need to ask your employees 50 questions about how they are feeling, just how far removed, disengaged have you, the surveyer become? It’s a bit too brief in parts, but had I known about this sooner, I would have shown it to a few board directors before the ensuing battles about attitude and engagement surveys.

Click the link, enjoy the vid, and pop back and tell us what you think. Are these tips any good? Got any better ones?

Doug Shaw

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