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The Three Rules of Leadership

The first time I came across the concept of ‘Character’ versus ‘Personality techniques’ was in Stephen Covey’s the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.

He stressed the depth of the concept of ‘Character’ versus the increasingly popular concept of personality techniques. Now as an unashamed fan of NLP ( Neurolinguistic Programming) I can see a huge difference between trying to effect change with individuals and groups through leadership based upon time honoured concepts such as Integrity, Honesty, Patience, Self – Discipline and courage.

In contrast to¬† influencing through linguistic tools and modelling behaviour, which are ‘acts’ rather than the thoughts, speech and actions of ‘real’ leaders based upon who they are deep down, deep in the fabric of ‘their’ character.

A man whom I respected greatly for his ‘Character’ said to me of ‘real’ Leadership, there are three rules…….. Example, Example,Example .

I have seen many Coaches of professional sports sides come and go, the ones that last and who effect meaningful change …… and win along the way, are those who stay true unto the lasting principles of ‘character’.

No matter how bad the storm and how dark the night, they can always come back to the ‘compass’ of Character and ride out the storms that will inevitably blow in for all leaders, in all fields.

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