Happy employees, happy customers, engage and grow

I haven’t been by in a while, sorry, lots of blog gardens to tend.

Thinking about connecting engagement to chance and good service, I met Kate Davies recently. Kate is the CEO of Notting Hill Housing Trust and she is in the middle of leading a lot of change. Change designed to improve customer service through employee engagement.

The change was spearheaded by some consultation. Customers said:

1.    We (the trust) did not communicate effectively with them
2.    We often failed to complete the job properly
3.    Our repairs service was not good enough

Employees said they wanted:

1.    A personal relationship with the tenant, so trust can grow
2.    The power and the budget to deliver the service that the tenant wants
3.    Managers to manage around what matters to the customer

I did a short write up of the meeting which HR Zone has published. Here’s the link, I think some of you will find it an interesting and useful story.


Have a good day.

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